Kimberley is proud to be one of the most authentic historical destinations in South Africa. So with this in mind, we produced this publication to create an awareness of, and an interest in, some of the tourist highlights Kimberley has to offer.

At the same time, we packed this publication with valuable commercial information to assist you in doing some quality shopping in Kimberley.

We grouped together various attractions, for your convenience, in short and interesting tours built around themes which are exclusive to Kimberley and are very unique.

It is therefore our deepest desire that you will enjoy visiting these historic places and that they will generate many fond memories to share later with friends and family.

Please note that you will get much more out of all these tours by booking an accredited tourist guide to accompany you. In addition, we recommend that you visit the NOCCI Tourism Centre at the Big Hole (Tel. 053 830-4426) for a detailed tourist guide book and other relevant information.

Enjoy your stay!

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